Stihl Shop Mildura
Stihl Demo Saw (Cut-off Saw) on Trolley
The Stihl demo saw (cut-off saw) has a wide range of cutting applications; it can cut metal, concrete and asphalt. Machines are able to cut different depths depending on blade size, A Demo Saw with a 14 inch blade has a cutting depth of 110mm and a Demo Saw with a 16 inch blade has a cutting depth of 125mm. Running high quality diamond wheels to make quick work of the job. You are able to hook up the hose to water to cut down dust when cutting concrete. Machines are two handed operation. There is also a machine in a trolley available for the cutting of long straight lines.

Ideal for ripping up old slabs into small pieces or cutting lines into your new slab for the shed or drive way.

Stihl Shop Mildura

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