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STIHL BGE 81 Electric Blower
Powerful yet quiet Electric Blower for clearing fallen leaves, grass trimmings and other garden debris. For cleaning large spaces around the home. Flat nozzle, rubberised 2-component handle, infinite speed control, lock button to lock air stream, strain relief, with optional vacuum attachment it can also be used as a vacuum shredder.

Technical Data
Weight kg 1) 3.3
Rated Voltage V 240
Power output kW 1.400.0
Air speed m/s 2) 68
Air speed m/s 3) 76
Air speed with flat nozzle mph 170
Air throughput with flat nozzle m³/h 565
Max. air throughput m³/h 4) 750
Max. air speed m/s 2) 82

1) Excluding cable
2) with flat nozzle
3) With flat nozzle in blower mode
4) Without blower attachment/nozzle
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